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An Invitation to Co-Pilot

At the start of each pilot, the XQ Math team will introduce participating teachers to a new project being considered for the project library.

You’ll do an abbreviated version of the project yourself, as a young person might, documenting and reflecting on your experience and noting the tools and supports you need.

You’ll then introduce the improved project into your classroom—with consistent support from the XQ Math team—according to your own context, schedule, and priorities.


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Making Music

Close Enough

Sensing the Self

Students will create a musical instrument with readily available items and use curve fitting to play their favorite song’s melody.

Students will generate “big picture” questions based on their daily wonders about the world and create mathematical models to estimate a solution to their question(s).

Using sensors, students will gather data from their bodies to create a comparative analysis between the body and other real-life phenomena.

Using sensors or publicly available datasets, students will gather and analyze local environmental data to support storytelling and sense-making about their communities.

Student teams will design and build a launcher, exploring projectile motion while preparing for a culminating cooperative whole-class challenge, and learning about parabolic modeling along the way.


What's it Worth?

Sensing the Environment

Going Viral

Students will use exponential modeling to explore human interactions and predict effects on human life.

$1.8 million sneakers?? Students will investigate worth and value, quantifying factors involved in making financial decisions relating to their own life and creating a financial model that helps them make their decision. 

The Modules

Participating teachers and students will have the opportunity to improve their practice in doing and developing great projects, while also contributing to a valuable community resource.

About XQ Math Modules

Each XQ Math module explores critical mathematical concepts and centers on a common theme. To ensure genuine engagement and motivation, programs are designed to accommodate a high degree of student choice.

For example, in responding to a prompt to create a musical artifact, one student might create a TikTok duet using root beer bottles filled with water, while another might build a simple thumb piano, tuned using mathematical modeling, to accompany a song they love.

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